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In some cases, when developing FirstSpirit projects the standard input components do not offer all of the features that are required for your specific scenario or are simply too complex to handle a problem. For this reason, e-Spirit has provided means to extend the standard functionalities using your own custom implementations for input components. In this article, we will develop a simple custom input component to be used in the FirstSpirit ContentCreator.
Whenever extensions for the ContentCreator are developed in a FirstSpirit project, a separate web application is usually also delivered for each project. As the number of projects increases, this solution becomes less and less efficient and requires significantly more resources from the application server. Most of the time a better approach is to operate all projects with a single central WebApp and only activate the required functions for individual projects when required. We will show you how!
Modern IT projects use agile methods to easily react to changes in the marketplace. To make agile workflows work with FirstSpirit, External Sync can be used. This feature allows one to manage the proprietary data of the CMS with a different Version Control System, thus enabling the use of distributed and parallel development of features. In this article we will show a typical FirstSpirit development setup with its problems, how we can we solve this, and how long it took us in the past to deliver the solution.
FirstSpirit and Google Cloud? No problem! In this article I would like to introduce a short concept on how to host FirstSpirit in a cloud environment and which features of the Google Cloud Platform we can leverage to get started with a serverless CMS.
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