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Understanding your problems and needs is crucial for us.. Based on a thorough understanding we can create solutions that actually help you and will provide long-lasting benefit to your company – and it is you that matters the most to us.

We don’t talk, we do!

Expensive reports and tech buzzwords by fancy consulting agencies will not get rid of your problems – solid analysis and efficient solutions will.

The processes of your company are unique and crucial to your success. We help you to map those processes onto your IT and deliver a customized solution fitting your needs. Done right, IT supports your work and creates opportunities – not additional problems.

You can rely on our smart solutions to automate standard tasks and give your personnel more time and breathing room to be creative and innovate.

Rely on our experience and independence

Your ambitious plans require sophisticated technolgies such as FirstSpirit or the Google Cloud Platform. But you also require a partner that can handle that complexity and beginners will not do.

The founders of about:content combine over 25 years of experience with FirstSpirit and modern webtechnologies: During that time we worked for the software vendor e-Spirit and helped governments, large international enterprises, and global e-commerce shops in getting the most out of FirstSpirit, even for the most demanding scenarios.

We know tech's vast potential, but also the challenges when used the wrong way.

With us, you are guaranteed a competent counsel and smart solutions to your problems. Our mission is to support you as a versatile technology partner.

In addition to our vendor-level support, you get vendor-independent advice. We have experience with several other Content Management Systems and E-Commerce Systems and can mix and match the right tools for the job. We can look beyond the CMS and advise you on your IT-landscape.

Your success starts with us!

Extending your existing CMS or migrating from a third-party system, we consult and take care of the implementation. We educate your business units and coach the developers.

about:content is your full service partner for content-driven projects

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